Katana Sword T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel


  • Katana, t10 carbon steel, handmade, full tang, clay tempered, real hamon, battle ready, blade polished, sharpened, 40.5 inches, alloy fittings, black cord handle, piano paint scabbard, dragon tsuba
  • This is a well-made t10 carbon steel sword, following the traditional japanese process, extremely sharp hand honed edge.
  • This katana samurai sword is a full-tang, battle-ready sword, isn’t just a pretty display piece
  • Clay tempered to produce a real hamon line, clay tempering process with water quench.
  • Overall length: 40.5 inches, nagasa length: 28.3 inches, handle length: 10.2 inches, blade sharp: sharpened, blade material: t10, blade width: 1.18 inches, saya material: wood, weight: 2.85 lbs