Japanese Katana Sword T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel


  • Key features: katana, t10 carbon steel, full tang, handmade, real hamon, clay tempered, battle ready, sharpened, silver-plated tsuba
  • Fully handmade sword, highly polished blade, impressively sized yet easy to wield and deft in battle
  • Made with highest grade t10 carbon steel and has high performance hardness and flexibility.
  • Clay tempered to produce a real hamon line, clay tempering process with water quench.
  • Overall length: 102cm, handle length (tsuka): 72cm, blade length (nagasa): 27cm, blade material: t10 carbon steel, blade sharp: sharpened, blade width: 3.2cm, scabbard material (saya): wood, weight: 1.1kg